1869 – When India Faced the Worst | Short Film

1869 short film by gaurav prabhakar mali

In 1868-69, Rajputana (a state of India which is now known as Rajasthan) faced a disaster that killed over 1.5 million people. Many people wandered in search of food & water until they died from starvation. In this short film, a young couple (Makhan & Lachmi) leave their house and start looking for life. Are […]

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Tu Zameen Si – Music Video

tu zameen si - love song 2020

When two people really love each other, overcoming tribulations & distance becomes easy, right? Tu Zameen Si is a pure love song dedicated to the lovers who are far away from each other. Just plug in your headphones, set the video quality to Full HD, and feel the togetherness of ZAMEEN’ & ‘AASMAAN’ with this […]

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Junaid from Pakistan – Short Film

juanid from pakistan - short film

A young terrorist from Pakistan comes to India for a mission with seven other militants. However, he fails to accomplish the task and gets injured in a military operation. In order to hide from the police and Indian army, he forcefully enters the house of a young lady doctor. However, she helps and treats him […]

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Gudgudi – Short Film

Gudgudi (गुदगुदी) short film by gaurav prabhakar mali

Gudgudi (tickle) is a short film that tells the story of a street artist who finds relief in making people laugh. He is very poor and earns money by doing funny acts on streets. One day, he sees a girl who is sad because she accidentally drops her ice cream on the road. The street […]

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Ayodhya – Short Film

ayodhya short film by gaurav prabhakar mali

Short Film – Ayodhya represents or gives solutions to one of the biggest issues of India without saying anything directly. There is a symbolic representation of the Hindi-Muslim dispute that we have seen in Ayodhya (Ram Mandir). The film was shot in just 3-4 days and edited in 10 days. We released it on Republic […]

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College Ke Baad Audi Zarur Leni hain

College ke baad Audi zarur leni hain

College mein aaya tha main dhero sapne saja kar,Mumma ne bheja ek chammach dahi khila kar,Papa bole, “beta khoob padna mann laga kar”Mumma rote hue boli, “phone zarur karna waha jakar”Tabhi papa ne rakh diye meri jeb me 5000,Mumma ne diya khaane ka dabba,Jisme tha mera favorite achaar,Main bola, “haa bahut padhunga papa”.Kyunki badi company […]

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She is a Big Foodie

blogs & poems by gaurav prabhakar mali

Burger, brownie, macpuff & coke, She only eats, never listens my jokes, Pizza, garlic bread and mousse cake, She can have everything without taking breaks, Breadsticks, pasta and chicken wings, She snitches my wallet and only blinks. Paneer, Birizza, potato poppers, She has Lavie bag and put on red loafers, Apple strudel and jalapeno dip, […]

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