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who is gaurav prabhakar mali

Hey there, what’s up?

I’m Gaurav Prabhakar Mali. Since I find it extremely uncomfortable to write about myself so I will keep it short. I spent my childhood in the “city of lakes” Udaipur, where I didn’t have so many friends; thus chose to entertain myself with music, movies, and books. My favorite toys as a baby were the book and films. I have been in love with fairy tales since I was a child. Though my teachers and parents encouraged me to be an Engineer, but while studying at a College changed my mind.

By the time I was a teenager, I had already written various songs and poems. After graduating with a B.tech in Electronics & Communication from GITS, I decided to try my hand in creative writing. In 2014, I started writing full-time, and haven’t stopped. In 2016, I founded my own production house and made my first short film in a minimal budget (the idea was to turn my stories into films).

In these incredible 6 years, I have written and made several short films, music videos, documentaries, & commercial ads on varied genres. I am looking forward to serving you with some inspiring blogs, poems, and stories with this website.

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