She is a Big Foodie

blogs & poems by gaurav prabhakar mali

Burger, brownie, macpuff & coke,

She only eats, never listens my jokes,

Pizza, garlic bread and mousse cake,

She can have everything without taking breaks,

Breadsticks, pasta and chicken wings,

She snitches my wallet and only blinks.

Paneer, Birizza, potato poppers,

She has Lavie bag and put on red loafers,

Apple strudel and jalapeno dip,

I wanna see her, don’t wanna eat,

Burger, roller and chicken snacker,

She continuously eats never use breakers,

Strawberry storm and alphano burst,

She can have everything without burp.

Love to see her when she eats,

She is naughty, sudden cough a bit,

She ordered one more veggie delite,

Why can’t she maintain healthy diet?

Now, she wants to have lemonade with ice,

Baby! Stop it & See, police is towing my bike.

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