Junaid from Pakistan – Short Film

juanid from pakistan - short film

A young terrorist from Pakistan comes to India for a mission with seven other militants. However, he fails to accomplish the task and gets injured in a military operation. In order to hide from the police and Indian army, he forcefully enters the house of a young lady doctor. However, she helps and treats him selflessly.

Will the terrorist survive? What will the lady doctor do with him? Will the Indian army arrest him? Will he go back to Pakistan alive? The film will reveal these with so many turns & twists. The film will also unfold some verses written in the Holy Quran.

The film was released in two parts and received a positive response from the audience. People appreciated the performance of both lead actors as well. People also liked the background score of the film.

Flaws – We didn’t give enough time to pre-production and ended up making a draggy film. With better preparation, more rehearsals, and high budget, we would have made a better film. Besides, the film should have been more visually appealing (with better camera & lenses).

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